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A Pleasant Dream Example Essay

Dreams are special and very personal. Despite the private nature of this phenomenon, dreambanks where people can upload, search and analyze dreams are becoming a trend. I once posted a highly interesting dream study here.

I like remembering my dreams. The first thing I do when I wake up, I try to recall details of my dreams, for they are mostly of predictive nature. My dreams are colourful, beautiful and adventurous. I think I had only a couple of nightmares in my whole life. Sometimes I think my dreams are the reason why I do not feel like watching films – the films just can not compete 🙂

Today I thought of sharing with you my 3 most beautiful dreams, for I hope they are enjoyable. Welcome to the world of my dreams!

1. The Rose-coloured City

This is a dream which I had many years back but it is still in my memory because of its incredible beauty and impression upon me: I found myself walking in a huge City all made of some unknown rose-coloured building material. It looked a bit futuristic, somehow unearthly and very clean. I met several people on the streets, but generally it looked a bit empty. I don’t remember any special plot of this dream, but the feeling of being there I can recall any time… Awesome!

2. Dancing in the air

This dream is my favourite by its fairy beauty and breathtaking sensation. I was dancing in the air above a field, I was clad in a very long pink dress out of finest silk and chiffon, it felt and looked very ethereal. And I was beautifully singing! It felt so natural, as if I have been doing it my whole life… Dancing and singing in the rose sunset sky over a wheat field… Unforgettable!

3. My birthday dream

This is a special dream, both because it’s so meaningful and because I dreamt it on my birth night (I was born at night). I was climbing a high and steep rock leading straight to the sky. The rock was very narrow (probably 2 m wide) and really too steep. However on both the sides of it I could see majestic landscapes. On the left hand side there have been soft green hills, blue sparkling river just by the rock and people here and there, doing some work or travelling. On the right hand side I saw a vast red land with rocks and deserts, very powerful and beautiful too. Also some peple here and there. Both sides looked very attractive and welcoming to explore… But I was climbing my steep rock. At some point I met a sage meditating on the path. He told me I took the right path. I was happy to hear that 🙂 And just continued along my way…

I know it was a very good dream (going upwards is always a good sign). The natural yogic explanation that comes to my mind here would be that I have chosen the middle path despite the right or the left one. Whatever it is, this dream was indeed a great birthday gift!

Hope you enjoyed reading about my dreams and please feel free to share yours, as a comment or may me as a tag on your blog.

LOVE, axinia

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I had a pleasant dream last night. I went to bed late and was fast asleep. Suddenly, I felt that I was in fairyland. There was a big garden. The flowers were blooming. The fairies were singing beautiful songs. One fairy came to me and greeted me with a sweet smile. She offered me a small chair to sit on and enjoy the dance. Then I saw a little child playing on the flute. He arrived in the midst of the fairies. There were some dwarfs and elves sitting nearby. There was a beautiful river. The Sun was shiny and a cool breeze was blowing.

I sat under a shady tree. The tree was laden with fruits. The child brought some fruits for me. Then they again started singing and dancing. It was a beautiful scene.

When I was taking fruit and enjoying dancing, suddenly woke up. My mother asked me to get up and prepare for school. Dreams, whether good or bad, always have an ending of such type only.