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Dissertation Torben Schulze Family Restaurant


503 S Mechanic St
El Campo, TX77437
(979) 543-6482

I'll let you in on a secret...the best hand made enchiladas are right here at Schultze's. All of the food, the Mexican food and the burgers are great and since I live here and really like the place I'd give it 5 stars if it were not for the slowness of getting your order. I'll order for lunch at 11 and tell them that I'll be there at noon to pick it up and it won't be ready when I get there. I'll have to wait 20 minutes. Other than that...excellent food.

I really look foward to their enchiladas when I visit my family. I will not be running here anymore. My enchiladas were tasteless. The meat was not seasoned and they were dry. Well they have lost an out of town customer. I will be going to Dairy Queen for my enchiladas from now on.

The cheese enchiladas are bomb dot com. Everytime I come to town I devour like 4. Then I sit on the couch wondering why I would eat 4 enchiladas ... but remember it was worth the calories. If I could possibly kidnap this recipe some how my life would be made!

The food is usually pretty good but the building is in need of some serious upgrades. One of the biggest complaints is the AC never does work correctly. This evening only 2 ceiling fans were working and the AC was on but blowing hot air. The employees feel hopeless because they tell upper management but nothing gets done with the upkeep of the place. The mini blinds are old, dirty and broken. The threshold to the main door has been tripping folks for I know about two years already. If you like Mexican food or burgers this is the place. Oh.... And another thing..... They don't have a trash can out where the customers can access it.

It was ok, nothing special except the customers. Everyone says hello to you, what's up with that? Eggs, toast hash browns were ok, putting the jelly pc on my hash browns...uh, not ok. But I lived through it.

The worst breakfast tacos ever. They asked if we wanted cheese and added a slice of America cheese out of the wrapper. Never eat here for breakfast


1218 1st St
Rosenberg, TX77471
(281) 232-6441

I've been coming to Schulze Family Restaurant since I was a little girl and I have to say after all these years, I still go back when I am yearning for some of their creations. A small location with no glam or sham just food that people like. I have always been a huge fan of their enchiladas which are made a little differently than you would expect from a restaurant. No enchilada sauce but a nice and generous helping of chili-meat in a corn tortilla with a great amount of cheese. The rice and beans just complement the meal perfect. For years, they always gave you a coupe packets of saltines that you eat along with the enchiladas and for some reason, it works. It bring this meal just together. Heavy on calories but it hits the spot on comfort food. Schulze's hometown taste stands out in its food and its employees. Never have I had a bad experience there. Edit: The "BBQ" reviews are for the restaurants next it not the Family restaurant.

Ok, so I never write reviews but I thought I should in this case. I decided to try this place after I saw all the traffic coming in and out of the parking lot. I ordered a chalupa and two enchiladas... bad idea. I was given a tostada instead of a chalupa and a messy glob of cheese and meat that I'm thinking was suppose to be the enchiladas... there was no read sauce at all. It didn't even taste anywhere close to an enchiladas. I couldn't finish my meal, I'm very disappointed. The guys at the window were very friendly and professional I appreciated that but I will not be returning for the food... no bueno

Have been coming to Schulze's family restaurant for years and years. Some of us would go eat BBQ and the others would go next door to the family restaurant. Always get the cheeseburger and fries. The burgers here just remind me of an old school burger joint.

The prices are ridiculous. High compared to other burger places. Their shakes are good, everything else is average.

Today I tried the Homemade burger and it was delicious! will definitely be eating another one soon.

Went here the other night and waited 45 minutes for food. Went inside to ask how it is taking that long to make 3 burgers and was told it would still be 20 minutes. Got my money back and left. No way will I ever go here again. They should have said it would take over an hour BEFORE I placed my order. Their BBQ joint next door is fantastic though. I will still go there. Just not this place.