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Biology Personal Statement Studential Essay

The biology and ecology of the world's oldest and most complex ecosystem truly fascinate me. The delicate nature of coral reefs is a particular interest of mine as they are being disrupted by our intrusive and often harmful activities such as oil spills, over fishing, coastal development and the poor buoyancy of inexperienced divers. The opportunity to develop practical and field work skills whilst learning about the research and conservation required in helping protect and preserve this fragile environment is what attracts me to a degree in Marine Biology.

Scuba Diving has made me aware of the scale of plastic and rubbish that has been dumped in the sea and sparked my interest in the conservation of marine species and their habitats. My voluntary work at the National Seal Sanctuary enabled me to work hands on with the seals; preparing their carefully planned meals and doing daily health checks taught me about all the care and dedication needed to rescue and rehabilitate these incredible creatures. I look forward to seeing how the seals rescued this year have progressed when I go back in August 2010. At the centre's simulated rock pool I thrived on the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for marine crustaceans and was rewarded by the excitement on the children's faces when the hermit crabs started fighting over a shell. I am currently applying to work on a turtle conservation project with The Katelios Group, Kefalonia.

My A-level subjects have helped to widen and shape my knowledge, providing me with key skills that will help me throughout my further studies. Mathematics is challenging and pushes me to improve my analytical mind through the manipulation of intricate algebra. I am fortunate to have a natural flair for Biology and find it fascinating how varied organisms function and interact with each other; practical work is particularly exciting and rewarding. I have been able to utilise my mathematical skills to analyse data and I have enjoyed the introduction to key fieldwork techniques which I would hope to build on in university. The logical patterns and complexities of Chemistry have enabled me to develop the ability to apply my theoretical knowledge to practical experiments.

I have three main hobbies, horse riding, SCUBA diving and kayaking. I spent three years riding for the David Broome Event Centre, competing on their dressage, show jumping, and eventing teams. This taught me the importance of working together and training to produce successful results. Our team work enabled us to win our regional qualifying rounds in dressage, taking us to the National Championships where we placed 12th as a team and I placed 6th individually. After my GCSEs I pursued my love of horses by completing a National Certificate in Horse Management, however, it was clear that equestrianism would always remain a hobby rather than a career.
I am an avid SCUBA diver, qualified to open water and working towards my advanced next February. While diving on the outer reefs in Cairns I was exhilarated by the abundance of life that surrounded me. In kayaking I am currently working through my BCU star awards; the freedom it gives to explore the seas and rivers is fantastic and if I can't be in the water I love to spend time on it. I hope to continue building on my experience in both of these interests at university.

I have an open mind to the opportunities which will be available to me in the future, whether it is research, fieldwork or education. I am sure my passion and enthusiasm will transfer to my life at university. I am ready for the challenges and look forward to immersing myself in my studies as I am keen to learn and be alongside like minded people

Having always had a keen interest in Biology, specifically in the human area, I believe that studying a degree in is the perfect opportunity for me to deepen my understanding of the subject. My aim, subject to successful completion of my studies at university, would be to continue my studies but in the field of chiropractory. My decision was strengthened following treatment for my own back problems and the improvement in my overall health, something which conventional medicine had failed to be able to achieve. This prompted my heavy interest in the course. Studying a degree in would be an invaluable step towards this final aim

Unfortunately work experience in the chiropractic field is extremely difficult to come by and I have been unable to experience any

However, following discussions with my chiropractor, he has offered me a placement in the coming year. Earlier in the year, I attended a Medlink event in Nottingham aimed at informing potential medical candidates of courses available. This reinforced my decision in both my chosen career and the option to take a as a foundation degree

Apart from this, until recently I have been working at Tesco on the chicken counter. Although not linked with my course or career, I felt that the job proved invaluable in the development of my communication skills and being able to work as a team. Due to the nature of the work, I was also constantly working to deadlines. I have also gained a lot of experiences from in school activities. I have acted as a guide on open days, helped with charity work and more recently have begun working as a peer mentor. The opportunity to take part in such activities has further enabled my communication skills, now also with younger people and also to gain trust and act independently as well as part of a team

Outside of school, I have been fortunate enough to take part in many different activities and interests. Socialising is important to me especially because it provides and outlet for stress and helps communication which in my chosen career is extremely valuable

Furthermore I regularly attend church in which I have helped run a youth group and help with the organisation and set up of charity events in a family based fundraising group. I have a strong interest in music and enjoy playing the piano and listening to music as much as possible. From doing this, I have been able to improve my exam confidence and have also learned how to relax. I also attend dance lessons; enjoy cycling, cooking and playing squash and badminton. I am also looking into beginning a course into massage and the uses thereof. I believe that such activities, although add little to my academic achievement have been vital in my study up until this point as they have provided a way of winding down after heavy work loads and hopefully become a friendly outgoing person. This I believe would be very useful in studying at university

Despite my numerous out of school activities, I would like to assure that I allow time for my work and rarely miss deadlines. I am a conscientious worker and my studies have always taken preference over my personal interests and will continue to do so in order to fulfil my future goals.