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Homeworkers Review In New Jersey


Honestly, there is nothing good about this place that I can write about. You would think that a government job would be nice because of the benefits and the amount of time off you get from holidays, vacations, etc. But the people running this place are a bunch of slave drivers and they charge so much now in benefit deductions that your better off going on obamacare (this is not an exaggeration). Was given a hard time by my supervisor about ANY day that I took off, even vacation days that I put in for months in advance. I was essentially told that I should be donating unused vacation days and greatful to work for such a "prestigious" and all and mighty workplace such as Monmouth County. Needless to say, I quit six months later and got a better paying job that gives more time off, has better health & dental benefits, and treats its employees like human beings. The funniest part was the look of shock on my supervisors face when I handed in my resignation letter and being asked "What had caused me to look else where for employment?" pathetic


The Board of Directors is kept very effectively in the dark by the CEO. No staff, supervisors or directors are allowed to speak to any board members. Staff and supervisors aren't even given their names. People have been told by the CEO that they will be walked out if they talk to board members. Given what has occurred with the CEO over the years, it is clear that the Board does nothing to stem the tide of unethical, inappropriate, or ineffective management of the agency. The CEO has no use for anyone below her, and has spoken to management staff in an unprofessional, demeaning, manipulative, and angry manner, and uses outright lies to get what she wants. She overworks people with more programs than they can handle, without appropriate compensation. Morale is bad. Supervisors and Directors have received "gifts" for bonuses, such as a brown lunch bag of clementines or a beer.
Programs are taken on that do not coincide with the agency's mission or knowledge base.
Trainers have been hired by the CEO to help the agency become trauma-informed or to help management provide effective supervision, but the CEO does not allow anyone to follow through on these methods.
The CEO hired the Board President's nanny as IT Director. She was from Columbia. Th CEO protected this person at all costs, and if anyone had an issue with her capabiities, the CEO would circle the wagons.
For direct service staff, there is little to no ability to move up and no raises to speak of.