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Stronger Together.For the past 90 years the National Guard Association of Tennessee (NGATN) has marched with the Tennessee National Guard to attain the objectives and goals of military preparedness that we presently enjoy. Since 2003, NGATN has proudly maintained 100% membership because of your continued support for NGATN and the National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS). NGATN respectfully requests your assistance in maintaining this reachable goal again this year. The NGATN and NGAUS Membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December each year.  Download the 2018 Membership Form.

Second Lieutenant (O1)$30.00$10.00$40.00
First Lieutenant (02)$45.00$11.00$56.00
Captain (O3)$59.00$15.00$74.00
Major (O4)$72.00$25.00$97.00
Lieutenant Colonel (05)$85.00$35.00$120.00
Colonel (06)$108.00$42.00$150.00
Brigadier General (07)$123.00$52.00$175.00
Major General (08)$139.00$53.00$192.00
Warrant Officer (W01)$26.00$10.00$36.00
Chief Warrant Officer (CW2)$35.00$11.00$46.00
Chief Warrant Officer (CW3)$46.00$15.00$61.00
Chief Warrant Officer (CW4)$59.00$20.00$79.00
Chief Warrant Officer (CW5)$73.00$25.00$98.00
Retiring in 2017 (Lifetime Member)$125.00 FREE$125.00


The same rates apply to all Army and Air National Guard members whether presently assigned State Duty, in attendance at service schools, on Active Federal Service, or in the Inactive National Guard. Officers and Warrant Officers commissioned in 2017 are authorized free membership for CY 2018.

Membership dues should match your rank. Officers and Warrant Officers who are commissioned in 2017 will receive a complementary membership through 2018. Please be sure fill out the form with your commissioned month and year so we know to mark you as free. It is requested that payment, whether made by an individual or by a unit, for membership be made in one check or money order, payable to NGATN. We also offer the convenience of paying with a credit card. Please note a daytime phone number and fill in all required information as legibly as possible on the form provided.

Please have these dues forwarded to arrive at the office of NGATN no later than January 15, 2018. Please complete all the information so that we can update our membership records.

Unit rosters should be submitted via email to and a copy sent with your unit’s payment. Payments will not be applied until it is determined all payment information provided is correct. You can download the Excel file by going to the Forms page.

With your continued support and assistance, Tennessee can and will maintain 100% of our assigned members in for CY-2018. Please do your part in assisting us to maintain this reachable goal! All units at Battalion/Group and above who have attained 100% membership by January 15, 2018 will be recognized at the 89th NGATN Annual Conference, and will be awarded the NGATN President’s 100% Membership Award.

For friendly competition, the first three Major Commands to reach 100% by NGATN’s records will be able to choose their seating for the 89th NGATN Annual Conference Business Session in March 2018. We will be posting status of each Major Command on Facebook periodically. Be sure you ‘Like’ us on Facebook to see how your unit is doing.

Byron Deel
Executive Director

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