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Msad 72 Homework Hotline Dunlap

Homework Hotline

Homework Hotline Instructions

To access the Homework Hotline, please call the school’s telephone number (357-3914),
choose option 3 to enter the Homework Hotline and enter your teacher’s box number.

Mrs. Dixon


Mr. Draws


Mr. Eaton

Mr. Hickenbottom


Mrs. Hiland


Ms. Jefferson 


Mr. Klein


Mrs. Knicl


Mrs. Lambert


Ms. Lewis


Mr. Unruh


Mrs. White



 After the teacher’s message is played concerning homework assignments, you will have the following options:

 To repeat this assignment message press 4.
 To return to the previous menu to dial another teachers homework mailbox press 5.
 Otherwise you may hang up. Thank you.



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