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Difference Between Brutus And Cassius Essay

Summary: Discusses the play Julius Caesar, by Shakespeare. Compares the ways in which both Brutus and Cassius die, and their significance to the play.

The deaths of Brutus and Cassius are different in theirs reasons and methods, and each fits the character perfectly.

Cassius, a slippery, sly, scheming man, that because of his past, chooses someone else to do his dirty work for him. This is reflected in his cowardly, timely death.

He commits suicide alone. It is not an honorary death. It is a cowards death. He does this to end his sadness that he knows he and Brutus will lose and to exit quickly without facing the after-effects. The line, `Caesar, thou art revenged, even with the sword that killed thee,' Cassius is realising that Caesar's murder was done to no advantage, and that it shouldn't have happened.

Compare this to Brutus' death, which has come about because he feels his time is up. This is more to do with the fact that he saw the ghost of Caesar...

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The Difference Between Brutus and Cassius in William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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The Difference Between Brutus and Cassius in William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

In Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar', Brutus and Cassius are contrasting characters. They differ in the way they perceive Antony as a threat to the assassination plot, their dominance in personality, and their moral obligation. In Julius Caesar, Brutus is the more naïve, dominant and noble character, while Cassius is the more perceptive, submissive, and manipulative person.

Brutus and Cassius are very different in the way they perceive Antony. Brutus is very trusting and naïve when he judges Antony. When the subject of killing Antony comes up among the conspirators, Brutus underestimates how dangerous Antony could be…show more content…

When Brutus gives Antony the right to speak at Caesar's funeral, Cassius pulls Brutus aside and says, "You know not what you do. Do not consent that Antony speak in [Caesar's] funeral. Know you how much the people may be moved/ by that which [Antony] will utter?" Cassius sees that Antony is a powerful speaker and that if Antony speaks the people will side with him. This shows that Cassius has a much better idea of how dangerous Antony is.

Although Cassius is correct on how dangerous Antony really is, Brutus' ideas are used because Brutus is the more dominant character. In the play Cassius is the more passive character and Brutus, the more authoritative. This is exemplified when Brutus and Cassius are arguing about allowing Cicero joining the assassination conspiracy. Cassius thinks that Cicero is a good and honorable man that should be included, but as soon as he nominates Cicero to join the group, Brutus steps in and says, "O, name him not! Let us not break with him, for he will never follow anything that other men begin". Instead of contesting Brutus, Cassius just lets it pass and concedes to not permitting Cicero to join the group. Although this particular argument is not pivotal to the plot, it augments how Brutus dominates what decisions are made. Brutus again shows his dominance over Cassius when the two are discussing military strategies. Cassius wants to stay

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