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Le Referendum Dissertation Topics

Dissertation Titles

Bachelors of Commerce in Marketing (Honours)

Dissertations issued from 2012 onwards are available in digital format from the library. Dissertation prior to this date are available in hard copy format from the Marketing Departments administration office.  



  • A Digital Triumph - Political Marketing and the Use of Social Media in the Maltese Political Scenario
  • A Study of the Consumer Buying Behaviour of Young Maltese Adults When Booking Travel Accommodation Online
  • The Influence of Packaging Design on Consumer Purchase Evaluation - An Exploratory Study
  • Consumer Psychology - Innovative Minimalist Marketing
  • Adoption of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Social Media Platforms by Maltese Enterprises
  • The Use of Social Media by Music Artists to Promote Themselves in a Very Small Market
  • Customer Switching Behaviour in the Local Supermarket Industry - An Analysis of Loyalty and Retail Mix Variables
  • The Malta Shipping Register - A Product-Image Analysis
  • Price-Value Communication in the Local Cosmetics Market
  • Factors Influencing Consumer-Buying Behaviour of Luxury Fashion Goods - A Research on Young Consumers in Malta
  • Product Differentiation in the Boutique Hotel Sector
  • Senior Citizens' Perception of the Effectiveness of E-Government Services
  • The Impact of Culture on Services Marketing Communications - A Study on AIESEC
  • The Impact of Digital Advertising on Consumer Buying Behavior in the Local Fashion Sector
  • The Blogging Community as a Marketing Tool
  • Consumer Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility Activities Performed by Companies in Malta
  • A Study on the Re-branding of Krea and the Consumers' Perceptions on the New Brand Identity
  • The Link Between Consumer Compulsive Behaviour and Consumer Brand Perceptions - The Case of Sports Brands
  • Superfoods - An Investigation of Attitudes and Awareness
  • The Impact of the Servicescape on Customer Perceptions of Service Quality in the Hotel Industry
  • The Use of Marketing Research by Banks and Gaming Companies in Malta
  • The Factors that Motivate Consumers to Engage in E-WOM through Online Consumer Reviews in the Accommodation Sector
  • Breaking Barriers to Cultural Participation in Malta - A Focus on Young People and Music


  • The Use of Social Media by the Main English Language Newspapers in Malta to Move Up the Value Chain
  • Who Are the Theatre-Goers? - Personality, Education, Motivation and Social Influences
  • The Adoption of Customer Relationship Management Tools Used to Penetrate the Maltese Market - The Case of Banif Bank
  • The Impact of Social Media on Customer Relationship Management in the Restaurant Sector
  • Customer Reviews on Trip Advisor and Customer Satisfaction - The Perspective of Five Star Hotels
  • A Study of the Buying Behaviour of Maltese Youths Towards Recorded-Music
  • The Effects of Celebrity Endorsements, Particularly by Footballers, on the Consumer Buying Behaviour of Young Maltese Adults
  • Traditional vs Online Advertising for Local Two-Star and Five-Star Hotels
  • The Importance of Adverts Effectiveness in Social Media Marketing
  • Analysing the Promotional Effectiveness of Non-Profit Organisations in Malta When Addressing the Youth Sector
  • Examining the Effect of Introducing YouTube as a Promotional Communications Approach in the Cosmetics Industry
  • Logos - Evocative or Just Decorative? - A Neuromarketing Study of the Theory of Perception in the Maltese Banking Industry
  • Social Media vs Websites - Allies or Rivals?
  • Digital Marketing - A Study on Facebook Usage by Automotive Brands
  • Tourism Marketing and Consumers Behaviour in Five Star Hotels
  • The Concept of Value Within the Corporate Insurance Market - An Analysis of the 5-Star Hotel Industry in Malta
  • Business Model Innovation in the Events Management Industry - A Case Study of Pro Wrestling Malta
  • The Price of Conformity in the Local Fashion Sector
  • The Effect of Salesmanship on Influencing Customer Perceptions
  • Company Perceptions on CRM Adoption
  • An Assessment of Consumer Behaviour Within the Maltese Competitive Cycling Scene - With Reference to Local Road Cyclists and Triathletes
  • Differences in Perception Between Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants Regarding Books and E-Books
  • Addressing the Innovation Gap Between Customers and Producers of Theatre Performances
  • Is Online Betting Behaviour Gender Based? - An Analytical Neuroscientific View of the Online Betting Behaviour
  • The Impact of Sports Sponsorship on Consumer's Brand Perception
  • Creating a Brand Personality for Valletta
  • The Differences in the Way Genders Perceive Risks When Purchasing a Smartphone
  • The Influence of Brand Personality on Consumer Brand Preference
  • The Perception of Movie Trailers Through Consumer Neurosciences Techniques


  • AIESEC’s Brand Equity at the University of Malta - With A Focus of Brand Awareness and a Sub Focus on Brand Image, Al-Attar Maysoon, 2014
  • Shopping Orientation and Retail Mix Adaptation Variables – In the Local Male Clothing Sector, Attard Matthew, 2014
  • Is Ryanair’s Low Fare, Online Pricing Strategy Misleading or a Justifiable Way of Managing with Customer Demand?, Azzopardi Karl, 2014
  • Social Marketing in Profit Businesses - Social Responsibility or Public Image?, Barona Padovani Caludia, 2014
  • The Implementation of Integrated Marketing Communications in the Music Industry, Borg Jean Paul, 2014
  • An Empirical Investigation of Customer Satisfaction in the Maltese Banking Industry, Busuttil Deborah, 2014
  • What Influences Generation Y in Choosing Destinations?, Busuttil Joanne, 2014
  • Self-Service Technology in Supermarkets – An Insight on the Factors Influencing the Attitude toward and Actual Use of Self-Service Technology within the Local Market, Cassar Reuben, 2014
  • Building Brand Distinction and Marketing Orientation in the Marine Commercial Craft Sector, Cilia La Corte Carissa, 2014
  • Evaluating the Online Shopping Experience versus the Brick-and-Mortar Shopping Experience: A Neuromarketing Overview, D'Amico Jessica, 2014
  • The Impact of Social Media on Consumer Behaviour in the Travel Industry, Debono Joanne, 2014
  • The Customer Journey - The Development of Marketing Strategy and Customer Relationship Management in the Retail Industry, Dimech Angela, 2014
  • How do Consumers’ Reactions Differ between Video and Printed Advertisements, Specifically in the Automotive Industry?, Farrugia Bertram, 2014
  • Cultural Adaptation of the Retail Mix in the Fashion Industry - A Study on the Libyan Retail Sector, Fava Klara, 2014
  • Social Stigma and Gender Specific Products in the Video Game Industry, Fava Petra, 2014
  • Assessing Customer Perceived Service Quality - A Study of Automated Channels in the Maltese Banking Industry, Fenech Sarah, 2014
  • Customer Perception - Burger King - An Insight into the Fast-Food Industry in Malta - The Perception of Maltese People, Aged 18-24, of Burger King with relation to Other Main Fast Food Franchises Found in Malta, Grech Ishmael, 2014
  • Food for Thought - A Campaign to Promote Healthy Eating Patterns amongst Maltese Children, Grima Jessica, 2014
  • The Attitude of the Maltese Consumer Market towards the Collection and Use of Coupons, Magri Roxanne, 2014
  • The Consumer Buying Behaviour of a Gamer when Purchasing a First-Person Shooter Video Game, Micallef Adrian, 2014
  • The Effects of Guerrilla Marketing on Brand Awareness, Michallef Michelle, 2014
  • University of Malta Students’ Opinions on the Importance of Branding when Selecting a Supermarket, Naudi Thomas, 2014
  • The Implementation of Sustainable Marketing in the Local Context, Petroni Kyra, 2014
  • The Perception of Brands - A Peek into a Customer's Mind, Portelli Vanessa, 2014
  • The Impact of Electronic Word-of-Mouth on Hotel Booking Intentions, Vella Christine, 2014
  • We are What We Eat - The Knowledge and Affective Components of Attitudes towards Canteen Food, Vella Maria, 2014
  • The Use of Neuromarketing Techniques to Create a Positive Effect on Consumer Buying Behaviour for High-Street Fashion Retailers – A Neuromarketing Overview, Vella Sabrina, 2014
  • Gender Segmentation when Choosing a Holiday Destination, Zammit Stephanie, 2014


  • The Contribution of e-Customer Relationship Management to Online Customer Experience with Respect to Generation Y Users, Abela Anton, 2013.
  • Analysis of the Role of Social Media Marketing and Communication in the Online Gambling Market, Behmann Markus, 2013.
  • Is the Asian Market the Future of the EFL Schools in Malta?, Bugelli Luca, 2013.
  • The Supplier and Customer Perceptions of the Product for 4 and 5 Star Hotels, Cachia Zammit Edward, 2013.
  • A Study of the Effectiveness of Sponsorship in Malta, Camilleri Kimberly, 2013.
  • Malta's Competitive Position in the UCITS Fund Industry, Cauchi Katia, 2013.
  • The State of Play of Marketing in Practise in the 21st Century, Chrzonz, Marc Andre' Daniele, 2013.
  • The Impact of Social Media on Consumer Behaviour in Fashion Retailing, Cini Katia, 2013.
  • Evaluating the Promotional Campaign of Vodafone's Student Plan when Promoting to University of Malta Students, Connell Jurgen, 2013.
  • A Customer Profile and Customer Experience of Maltese Telecommunications Websites - Accessed via Smartphone, Farrugia Vanessa Maria, 2013.
  • Customer Experience and Engagement - The Perspective of a Local Telecommunications Company, Fenech Ivy Jean, 2013.
  • The Retail Mix within the Context of Local Supermarkets, Fenech Lynn, 2013.
  • The Marketing Promotional Mix of Adidas and Nike during the Euro 2012 Football Campaign, Grech Daren, 2013.
  • I-Gaming and the EU - Level of Attractiveness of the EU Market for the I-Gaming Industry and the Opportunities of I-Gaming Companies to Gain Full Access to the EU Market, Grech Matthew, 2013.
  • The Impact of Viral Marketing on Companies and the Attitudes of Young People in Malta, Grech Roxanne Marie, 2013.
  • The P.E.A.C.H. Pattern - A Theoretical Approach to Branding in the Music Industry and the Values Instilled within Unrelated Products, Grima Ivan, 2013.
  • Need of Dominance as a Consumer Behaviour Factor, Martyanov Ivan, 2013.
  • Gender Attitudes and Motivational Influences Towards the Consumption of Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Mercieca Matthea, 2013.
  • Out with the Old, In with the New? - Traditional Media versus New Media in the Local Sector of Child Photography, Mizzi Monique, 2013.
  • The Relevance Retail Banks give to Social Class in the Provision of Financial Services - The Maltese Context, Pace Gasan Deborah, 2013.
  • Customer Relationship Management - The Potential of Social Media and Cloud Computing Toward Local Small-to-Medium Sized Enterprises, Saliba Roberto, 2013.
  • The Credibility of Advertising - An Insight with a Special Focus on Print Advertising of Colour Cosmetics and Skin Care Products, Spiteri Claire, 2013.
  • Analysis of Differences in Consumer Perceptions between Apple and Samsung Smartphones, Yam Anthony, 2013.


  • “Can You Spot the Brands?’’ The Effect of Product Placement on the Recall and Recognition of the Local Audience, Pandolfino Kristina, 2012.
  • A Comparative Corporate Image Analysis in the Local Insurance Industry, Naudi Montaldo Paula, 2012.
  • An Analysis of Marketing Communication Strategy used in promoting Gozo as a distinct destination from Malta, Gatt Michael, 2012.
  •  An Analysis of the Local Cosmetics Market: Profiling the Maltese Consumer, Falzon Daniela, 2012.
  • An Exploratory, Multi-Method Approach into the Effectiveness of Music in Advertising, Gambin Alexandra Antoinette, 2012.
  • Competitive Challenges for Maltese Exporters, Fava David, 2012.
  • Customer Retention in the First-Person Shooter Industry: Insights from the Maltese Market, Reiff Christian Matthias, 2012.
  • Ethical Advertising for Children: A Local Perspective, Xuereb Christian, 2012.
  • Evaluating the Role of Marketing in Maltese Banks through the McKinsey 7-S Framework, Cachia Jake, 2012.
  • How Effectively do Marketing Managers use Web Advertising? Mangion Bettina, 2012          
  • Price vs Product Brand Image. Which is the most influential in the Buying Behaviour of Maltese Students? Trapani Mark, 2012.
  • Product Packaging – A Consumer’s and Manufacturer’s Perspective within the Local Market, Bugeja Keith, 2012.
  • Proposing a Marketing Strategy aimed at making Public Transport a More Attractive Travelling Proposition for University Students, Grech James Ahren, 2012.
  • Service Quality in the Maltese Motor Insurance Industry, Cassar Blane, 2012.
  • The 2011 Divorce Referendum in Malta: An Analysis on Billboard Effectiveness, Deguara Stephen, 2012. (Link to Press Release; PDF Version)
  • The Impact of Age and Gender on Consumer Behaviour towards online Shopping in the Fashion Industry: An Analysis of Maltese Online Buyers, Muscat Chantelle, 2012.
  • The Impact of Direct Marketing on Customer Relationship Management, Grech Carmen, 2012.
  • The Influence of Social Media on the Perception of Local Live Artists, Grech Luke, 2012.
  • The Marketing of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Camilleri Owen Lee, 2012.
  • The McDonald’s Experience: Insights from the Maltese Market, Xuereb Klara, 2012.
  • The Willingness to use Mobile Payments – the Maltese Scenario, Caruana Ruth, 2012.
  • Visual Product Placement: Insights from Maltese viewers, Mercieca Elaine, 2012.

  • A Customer Retention Framework within the CRM Concept for Companies Involved in the Fashion Industry, Saliba Graziana, 2011.
  • A Study of the Perception of the Maltese Youths of the Hybrid and Electric Car, Barbara Alexander, 2011.
  • Analysing The Consumer Buying Behaviour in Choosing A Jewellery Shop, Busuttil Elaine Paula, 2011.
  • Applying The Marketing Mix To Segmentation Strategies in A Five Star Hospitality Industry, Fenech Lisa, 2011.
  • Attitudes towards The Use of E-Commerce for Mobile Credit Top-Up, Cassar Mark, 2011.
  • Brand Loyalty in The Retail Fashion Industry, Grima Yanica, 2011.
  • Developing A Structured Framework to Better Understand The Physical Environment of Retail Establishments and Its Impact on Shoppers, Busuttil Ruth, 2011.
  • Effects of Web Experience on Consumer Choice, Grech Stephen, 2011.
  • FSC Certification in Malta: Overcoming Obstacles and Winning Support, Ferriggi Jeffrey, 2011.
  • Gender Differences in Impulse Buying Behaviour, Bezzina Jeanessa, 2011.
  • Involvement and Shopping: A Study of Women 30 to 50, Spiteri Sarah, 2011.
  • Marketing Orientation in Local Auditing Firms, Formosa Graziella, 2011.
  • Marketing Strategies for Malta to Become A Hedge Fund Hub: Opportunities and Challenges, Mifsud Francesca, 2011.
  • Measuring the Effectiveness of Advertising Mediums: A Case Study of The Telecommunications Industry Promotions in Malta Ciantar Charlene, 2011.
  • Mobile Commerce: An Insight into The Consumer Experience, Hili Kurt, 2011.
  • Overcoming Societal Resistance Through Marketing: A Qualitative Study, Sammut Warren, 2011.
  • Pet Insurance: Potential Market and Purchasing Intentions of the Maltese Market, Zammit Samuel, 2011.
  • Public Relations: The Perception and Reality in The Ministry of Finance, Economy and Investment, Chetcuti Matthew John, 2011.
  • Social Media as a Branding Tool and Its Effect Among Generation Y, Farrugia Nicole, 2011.
  • The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on Customer's Intention To Buy, Said Luca, 2011.
  • The Effects of Customer Relationship Management on Customer Loyalty within The Financial Services Industry, Mallia Daniela, 2011.
  • The Impact of Country-of-Origin Effects on Local Dairy Products: Implications for Branding Strategy, Bartoli Eric, 2011.
  • The Influence of Fear Marketing on Consumer Behaviour, Pickard Clive, 2011.
  • The Role of Green Marketing in Developing Consumer Behaviour towards Green Products, Urso Martina, 2011.
  • The Total Experience of Maltese Male Buyers when  Visiting Retail Outlets, Debono John Paul, 2011.
  • The Use of Facebook as a Marketing Tool - The Maltese Young Adults Female Market Sector, Formosa Claire Marie, 2011.




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Recent Doctoral Dissertations in Statistics Education

If you, or one of your students, have recently completed a PhD or other doctoral degree with a dissertation in statistics education, please get in contact with Joan Garfield so that the details can be added here.

2017Elizabeth Brondos FryUniversity of MinnnesotaIntroductory Statistics Students' Conceptual Understanding of Study Design and ConclusionsRobert delMas and Andrew ZiefflerAbstract
2017Jason DolorPortland State UniversityInvestigating Statistics Teachers' Knowledge of Probability in the Context of Hypothesis TestingJennifer NollAbstract
2017Byungjoo TakSeoul National UniversityPre-Service Mathematics Teachers' Statistical Knowledge for Teaching to Develop Statistical Literacy: Focusing on the Teaching of Sample (Dissertation in Korean, abstract available in English)Kyeong-Hwa LeeAbstract
2017Nicola JusticeUniversity of MinnesotaStatistics Graduate Students’ Professional Development for Teaching: A Communities of Practice ModelJoan Garfield and Andrew ZiefflerAbstract
2017Laura LeUniversity of MinnesotaAssessing the Development of Students' Statistical Thinking: An Exploratory StudyJoan Garfield and Andrew ZiefflerAbstract
2016Jennifer N. LovettNorth Carolina State UniversityThe Preparedness of Preservice Secondary Mathematics Teachers to Teach Statistics: A Cross-Institutional Mixed Methods StudyHollylynne S. LeeAbstract
2016Abdullah Mohammed AlomirUniversity of GlasgowThe experience of teaching statistics to non-specialist students in Saudi universitiesJohn McColl and Catherine BovillAbstract
2016Anelise G. SabbagUniversity of MinnesotaExamining the Relationship between Statistical Literacy and Statistical ReasoningJoan Garfield and Andrew ZiefflerAbstract
2016Ruth A. BestWalden UniversityAn Online Statistics Course From Faculty and Students’ Perspectives: A Case StudyElina Lampert-ShepelAbstract
2015Adam MolnarUniversity of GeorgiaHigh School Mathematics Teachers' Knowledge and Views of Conditional ProbabilityJennifer J. KaplanAbstract
2015Basil ConwayAuburn UniversityA Comparison of High School Students’ Development of Statistical Reasoning Outcomes in High and Low Statistical Reasoning Learning EnvironmentsGary MartinAbstract
2015Matthew BeckmanUniversity of MinnesotaAssessment of cognitive transfer outcomes for students of introductory statisticsJoan Garfield, Robert delMasAbstract
2015Anna Helga JónsdóttirUniversity of IcelandDevelopment and testing of an open learning environment to enhance statistics and mathematics educationGunnar StefánssonAbstract
2015Amelia Ahlers McNamaraUniversity of California, Los AngelesBridging the Gap Between Tools for Learning and for Doing StatisticsRobert Gould, Fredrick R Paik SchoenbergAbstract
2014Jennifer L. LovelandUtah State UniversityTraditional Lecture versus an Activity Approach for Teaching Statistics: A Comparison of OutcomesKady SchneiterAbstract
2014Soledad EstrellaPontifical Catholic University of ValparaisoThe Table Object: An Epistemological, Cognitive, and Didactic StudyArturo Mena Lorca, Dani Ben-ZviAbstract
2014Laura ZieglerUniversity of MinnesotaReconceptualizing statistical literacy: Developing an assessment for the modern introductory statistics courseJoan Garfield, Michelle EversonAbstract
2014Alain Bihan-PoudecUniversité Catholique de lDes chiffres et des êtres. Étude introductive à l’identification de la représentation sociale de la statistique chez des étudiants de premier cycle en Sciences humaines et sociales en France. (Numbers and human beings. Introductory study to identify the social representation of the statistics among undergraduate students in the humanities and social sciences in France. -- Abstract in English)François Larose, Jean-Pierre BoutinetAbstract
2013Adri DierdorpUtrecht University, the NetherlandsLearning Correlation and Regression within Authentic ContextsJ.A. vanMaanen, H.M.C. Eijkelhof, A. BakkerAbstract
2013Dung TranUniversity of Missouri - ColumbiaLearning trajectories related to bivariate data in contemporary high school mathematics textbook series in the United StatesJames E. TarrAbstract
2013Virginia KinnearQueensland University of TechnologyYoung children's statistical reasoning: a tale of two contextsLyn English and Susan DanbyAbstract
2013James BaglinRMIT UniversityEvaluating learning theory-based methods for improving the learning outcomes of introductory statistics coursesCliff DaCostaAbstract
2013Bridgette JacobSyracuse UniversityThe Development of Introductory Statistics Students' Informal Inferential Reasoning and Its Relationship to Formal Inferential ReasoningHelen DoerrAbstract
2012Héctor Colón RosaUniversity of Puerto Rico at Río PiedrasAttitudes of University Students who took Statistics Introductory Courses and its Relationship with the Academic Success in the Subject (Dissertation in Spanish, abstract available in English)Omar A. Hernández, Claudia X. Álvarez and Marco Antonio MartínezAbstract
2012Anthony BillUniversity of TasmaniaUsing Fathom® statistical education software in high school to examine students’ acceptance of virtual simulation and use of simulation to model sample size when sampling from large and infinite populationsJane Watson, Rosemary CallinghamAbstract
2012Noleine FitzallenUniversity of TasmaniaReasoning about Covariation with TinkerPlotsJane Watson, Natalie BrownAbstract
2012Jiyoon ParkU. Minnesota, USADeveloping and Validating an Instrument to Measure College Students’ Inferential Reasoning in Statistics: An argument-based approach to validationRobert delMas, Joan GarfieldAbstract
2012Audbjorg BjornsdottirU. Minnesota, USAEvaluating the Use of Two Different Models of Collaborative Tests in an Online Introductory Statistics CourseJoan Garfield, Michelle EversonAbstract
2012Caroline Ramirez-FaghihU. Cal. Davis, USAFostering Change in College Students’ Statistical Reasoning and Motivation through Statistical InvestigationRebecca Ambrose, Jessica UttsAbstract
2011Maryann E. HueyUniversity of Missouri - ColumbiaCharacterizing Middle and Secondary Preservice Teachers' Change in Inferential ReasoningJames E. TarrAbstract
2011Robyn ReaburnUniversity of TasmaniaStudents’ Understanding of Statistical Inference: Implications for TeachingJane Watson, Kim BeswickAbstract
2011Pamela MerySan Francisco State U., USAA Mixed Methods Study of a Statistics Pathway for Community College Students Placed Into Developmental MathematicsHelen HyunAbstract
2011Monica DabosU. of California Santa Barbara, USATwo-Year College Mathematics Instructors’ Conceptions of VariationMary Betsy Brenner, Dawn HolmesAbstract
2011Mikhail TuregunU. Oklahoma, USAA Model for Developing and Assessing Community College Students’ Conceptions of the Range, Interquartile Range, and Standard DeviationStacy ReederAbstract
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2009Jonathan BakerOhio State U., USAWeb-Based vs. Classroom Instruction of StatisticsPatricia BrosnanAbstract
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2008Mark MarnichUniversity of Pittsburgh, USAA Knowledge Structure for the Arithmetic Mean: Relationships between Statistical Conceptualizations and Mathematical ConceptsEllen AnsellAbstract
2008Leigh SlausonOhio State U.Students’ Conceptual Understanding of VariabilityPatricia BrosnanAbstract
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2007Carmen DiazUniversity of Granada, SpainViabilidad de la enseñanza de la inferencia bayesiana en el análisis de datos en psicología (Suitability of teaching bayesian inference in data analysis courses directed to psychologists) ("Abstract" is 66 page summary in English)Dr. Inmaculada de la FuenteAbstract
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2003Ana Serradó BayésU. of Cádiz, SpainDealing with Chance in Secondary SchoolPilar Azcarate and Jose M. CardeñosoAbstract
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2002Gwendolyn ZimmermannIllinois State University, USAStudents’ Reasoning About Probability Simulations During InstructionGraham A. Jones, Cynthia LangrallAbstract
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