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Thesis Statement On John Donne

Death Be Not Proud: AnalysisI.Introduction of “Death Be Not Proud”A. Is there a holy meaning1.Hoping to live like JesusB. A suicide messageII.Mortality for allA. Death is just taking napB. Sending the wrong message to teenagersC. Courageous way of thinkingIII.MoodA. Happy in a beautiful worldB. There is no other way to be, even in deathIV.Relation to John Donne personallyA. Donne’s illness1.Tests2.Living longerB. Making light of the situationV.ConclusionJohn Donne is a long time famous poet. Throughout his years he has written many poems, but only one really stands out. John Donne’s poem “Death Be Not Proud” is a Holy Sonnet with an interesting take on life after death. Right off the bat Donne is treating death as a person and telling him he is nothing. He tells death that people don’t really die when they meet Death – and neither will he. Then, he really tries to give it to Death by comparing him to "rest and sleep," twothings that aren’t scary at all.

A good way to generate ideas for any writing about a literary text is to compare and contrast that text with another text. This process almost guarantees that your work will be detailed and focused.  A good poem to compare and contrast with sonnet 14 is sonnet 10, the one that begins "Death, be not proud." In comparing and contrasting the two poems, you might want to ask yourself such questions as the following:

* How do the tones of the speakers differ in each poem?

* Who seems powerful in each poem?  Who seems weak?

* How does the characterization of God in 14 differ from the characterization of Death in 10?

* Are there any similarities in the imagery and phrasing used, as in the shared reference to being overthrown?

* In which poem does the speaker seem more isolated?

* What are some resemblances between Death and Satan? How are they presented differently?

* How do these two poems present fundamentally different ways of understanding life?

One you sit down and begin looking at the poems side-by-side, many more ideas should occur to you.  Good luck!