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Maryland Bar Exam Essay Average

All data provided below are subject to change by a decision at any time by the Maryland bar examiners.  When any changes are made, they will be posted on this site.

The Maryland Bar Exam is a two-day exam -- Tuesday and Wednesday -- with the essay questions on Tuesday and the multiple-choice Multistate Bar Exam on Wednesday.

First Day (Tuesday) morning session:  
Six Maryland Essay Questions

First Day (Tuesday) afternoon session:  
Six Maryland Essay Questions

Second Day (Wednesday) morning session: 
3 hours 
Multistate Bar Examination (MBE)
100 Multiple-Choice questions.

Second Day (Wednesday) afternoon session: 
3 hours
Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) 
100 Multiple-Choice questions.

Applicants may transfer an MBE score form another jurisdiction form a concurrent exam only.

For further details on the MBE, click here.

Subjects Tested on the Maryland Bar Exam:

MBE Subjects

Constitutional Law
Criminal Law/Procedure
Real Property

Maryland Essay Subjects
Commercial Transactions
Family Law
Maryland Civil Procedure
Professional Responsibility
Plus the six MBE subjects

Grading of the Maryland Bar Exam:

Each Maryland Essay question is worth six points.

Your total essay score is then scaled on the same scaling as the MBE (0-200).

The Maryland Essay Exam counts for 2/3 of your final score.

The MBE counts for 1/3 of your final score.

The way this works practically is: 

Your scaled Essay Exam score is doubled and added to your scaled MBE score.

Thus, if you received a scaled score of 135 on the Maryland Essay Exam, and a scaled score of  140 on the MBE,

your final score would be (2 X 135) + 140 = 410.

You need a minimum combined score of 406 (out of a potential 600) to pass.

Thus, your 410 would be a passing score.

Maryland generally releases the results of the Summer exam in mid-November and the results of the Winter exam in mid-May.

quick and dirty estimate of MBE scaled score based on raw?

Postby cooperlaserpup » Fri Jul 25, 2014 6:24 pm

After a significant amount of googling I can't get a straight answer on this....

Using Themis prep for the MD bar. My MBE RAW scores are now consistently in the 135-145 range, usually about 139 (out of 200 practice questions, mind you. NOT out of 190 as it will be on the real exam.) I find the essays in MD really tough and arbitrarily scored, so I'm trying to get a sense of how I need to perform on those essays given my MBE raw score. I have found MD's rough formula for scaling the essays but can't figure out a good approximation for scaling the MBE. I know it changes every year, but even a low estimate would help. Should I add five points? ten? Themis doesn't tell you much only gives you a "goal" of 70% correct which is not met with a 139 so I don't know whether to feel nervous that I'm not there.

I know an answer to this ultimately will have no bearing on what happens in reality, but I'm just the sort of person who likes to know my chances ahead of time...If you have any idea how to roughly convert a Themis practice MBE score to a scaled July MBE score, please share your thoughts!!