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Mno2601 Assignment Of Benefits

MNO2601 Production and Operations Management – Semester1


MNO2601 Production and Operations Management

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      • MNO2601_Littles_Law.pdf
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      • MNO2601_Productions_and_operations_management_notes.doc
      • MNO2601_Productivity_Management_Information.pdf
      • MNO2601_Topic_2_Additional_reading.pdf
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      • MNO2601_Transformation_process_examples.docx
      • Podcasts
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    • Solutions
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      • MNO2601_Little_law_answers.doc
      • MNO2601_OctNov2010_exam_group_answers.xls


This Study Group has an in-house Academic Lecturer

MNO2601 Production and Operations Management equips learners with knowledge and skills related to a basic understanding of the role and functioning of production and operations management, selected design and planning tasks and responsibilities of production and operation managers and productivity management with regards to the management of operations in organisations.

Prescribed book for MNO2601 Production and Operations management

TitleOperations management. Global and South African perspectives
AuthorPycraft, M.
Year Published2010

Resources for MNO2601-MNO202B Production and Operations Management

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MRL2601/201 3 Dear Student, You should have already received the following tutorial letters: 1 Tutorial Letter MRL2601/101/3/2017, dealing with various matters including Assignment 01 and 02; 2 Tutorial Letter MRL2601/102/3/2017, which provides information regarding the examination. 1 FEEDBACK ON ASSIGNMENT 01 QUESTION 1 Answer: (3) Reason: Refer to Chapter 15 par 4 – 5 in the prescribed textbook and learning unit 14 sub-units 6 and 8.1 in the MO001. The fact that partners must carry on the partnership business for their joint benefit is an essentialiaof a partnership agreement. Options (1), (2) and (4) involve natural consequences (naturalia) of a partnership. QUESTION 2 Answer: (3) Reason: Refer to Chapter 15 par 9 in the prescribed textbook and learning unit 14 sub-unit 8.2 in the MO001. (1) is INCORRECT. This describes the actio communi dividundo. (2) is INCORRECT. The actio pro socio can be brought in the course of a partnership. (3) is CORRECT. The actio pro socio is a personal action. It is of general application and can be used in most instances where a partner’s rights are negatively affected by another partner/s. (4) is INCORRECT. The actio pro socio is a personal action as it is used to protect personal rights of the partner-applicant, and not those of the partnership business. QUESTION 3 Answer: (2) Reason: Refer to Chapter 15 par 10.6 in the prescribed textbook. (1) is correct and, therefore, the INCORRECT answer. MotoCity Ltd must, during the course of the partnership, sue Anastacia, Betina and Charles together for payment of the amount still owing on the purchase price of the car, as they are co-owners of the asset. (2) is incorrect and, therefore, the CORRECT answer. In the course of a partnership, the partners can only be sued jointly. (3) is correct and, therefore, the INCORRECT answer. MotoCity Ltd may cite the partners by name or institute a claim against the partnership in the name of the partnership. (4) is correct and, therefore, the INCORRECT answer. If the partnership is dissolved, MotoCity Ltd can sue the partners jointly and separately for performance in terms of the agreement.